About Us

About Us

There is no single entity that accredits a vast majority of trainers and training providers for their training materials, processes, and trainers, and, at the same time, provides opportunities for the learners to have a proof of having attended the approved course from a well-recognized organization. The European Council of Fitness Trainers (“ECFT” for short) has been conceived and established to cater to the needs of this very segment of training providers and learners..

ECFT is an organization formed by internationally qualified trainers with the necessary knowledge, background and expertise in the training industry as well as in process improvement, curricula writing, and standard formation experience.

Duly registered and operating from its Head Offices in Austria, ECFT has a presence in different regions through its representative offices and/or associates.

what we do?

We provide accreditation services to trainers and training companies who are engaged in non-formal training programs and we certify the learners who attend these accredited courses.

We accredit the individuals who provide training in their respective fields as being experts and authorized – if they come under regulated professions – to provide such training. Also, the trainers who qualify for our accreditation are the ones providing training in non-regulated subject materials and are engaged in coaching or grooming courses (at personal or professional levels).

We also provide accreditation services to training providers and companies that are not engaged in formal education or training. These companies may be a small- or large-scale organization, but need to have their training processes assessed and accredited.

We do not offer accreditation services to any organization engaged in formal training or education from the primary to secondary level. Any school, college, vocational college or university is considered as a formal education provider and we DO NOT accredit such entities on their formal education programs basis. They have their respective accreditation organizations at national and international levels for such programs. However, we DO accredit institutions not requiring an official recognition or accreditation for their certain programs.

Our Credentials?

We are a fully responsible organization operating under the commercial and legal corporate framework of Austria, and engaged in providing accreditation and certification services on a global level.

The standards we follow are derived from or influenced by the ISO 29990, the European Foundation of Quality as well other international excellence awards.

We are full members of the Association of Accrediting Agencies of Austria. It was founded in 2011 as a national network of professional education accrediting bodies. The organization now represents the accrediting bodies of over 30 professions in most areas of practice in Europe.

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